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Located at just the ideal area, One Seventy Place was just meant for you. Its location can be described as ideal and all in the middle of the action. The area is located close to anything that you want to be in this beautiful location in Manila.

If you are among the various commuters within the city limits, you are very lucky. The community in which this area is located is ideal for you. The community is easily located to various utilities that are essential to your well-being. You can get to your place of business effortlessly and at reduced times.

When you are prepared to explore the areas that are essential to you, check out the local favorites. You do not have to walk wild distances to get an area to go shopping or eat out. There are plenty of locations that will sort you out and ensure that you are sorted such as the Rustan Supermarket, Greenhills Shopping Center, and SM Megamall.

Are you worried that about you kids education? You should be happy, the location of the development is in close proximity of less than a kilometer of the Xavier School. This ensures that your kids just move a few meters away from home.

More areas that are in close proximity include, the Ministop (0.4 km away), Cardinal Santos Hospitals (less than a kilometers away), La Salle Greenhills (2.8 km), just 4.7 km from the Podium, 4.7 km from the Medical City, among other minor but important areas.

Moreover, this area is so much open to the surrounding areas. You can easily access it without any difficulties. You can also move out of it and connect to other areas easily. The road system is one of the best and therefore navigation is so much easy. In case you have a car, the direction are pretty clear. You won’t be lost easily because the direction are really straightforward. Lastly, the transportation system around here is the best because it allows for public transport in a simplified manner.

  • 0.47 km away from Rustan's Supermarket
  • 0.4 km away from Ministop
  • 0.7 km away from Xavier School
  • Less than a kilometer away from Cardinal Santos Hospital
  • Only 2 km away from Greenhills Shopping Center
  • 2.8 km away from La Salle Greenhills
  • Only 4.7 km away from the Podium
  • 4.5 km away from SM Megamall
  • 4.7 km away from Medical City
  • Very accessible to public transportation
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